is it possible to open the progam twice

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is it possible to open the progam twice

Post by Will » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:53 pm

hello, excuse my poor english, I'm from the Netherlands,
My question (I still use K & K 2.13)
I have 2 databases and I open the program twice with different datbases, on screen at the same time. I typed data from one to the other (i did nor want to use merge or import because else i got to much dublicates)
The program was opened twice and a few days al went well , until the progam/computer hung and I had to re-boot. When i started K&K again the main database was completely empty, all data were completely gone, I've been trying to rebuild the old Borland database, without result, luckily I had copies made ​​before I started. Is it possible to work with K & K 2 times to open and to switch between the programs and typing/cpy/paste things ?
Any idea how I can find the missing recorts or repair the file ? The properties of the database show that about 70 MB of 140 MB data are mising or gone ?


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Post by Nick Hunter » Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:36 pm


Sorry to hear that you have had this problem.

It is possible to open K&KPro twice for reading but you cannot update the databases. This is also true in K&KPro V3.

The old Borland database engine was prone to data loss when the PC crashed anyway - which is why we recommended that everybody upgraded to V3.

To try recovering your missing data you should use "Start | Programs | Kith and Kin Pro | Borland database fix utility" and in K&KPro use "File | Database | Pack".

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