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Post by Catalina » Sat Feb 04, 2017 12:44 am

Hello Nick
I am a long time user of Kith & Kin. I have tried a few other programs, but none can beat the big visual display of the whole tree layout, (especially when showing family who express interest).
The simplicity of the data entry layout can't be beaten, linking and unlinking people and families, drag and drop for pictures etc are straightforward for non-tech types like me..

The one and only bug-bear over the years is the absence of a Register Book report.
I have found that this is the most flexible and complete WRITTEN way to firstly preserve and secondly present ALL the information in my database for both myself and others in my family.
The register report and tree display printouts are the most complementary methods I have found.

Please, is there any chance of our report function options being expanded in the future?

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