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Export issues information

Post by quokkaz » Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:13 am

Hi all,
I use GEDView on my iPad to update records when I am away from my PC with KKPv3. I then bookmark the changed record and manually transfer to KKP when I can.
Since Dec 2013 I could not transfer a GEDCOM file from KKP to GEDView. I kept getting a cryptic: "Level is invalid at line nnn" error.
I have finally resolved the issue. It was one of my data sources for a marriage that must have had some corruption or illegal characters within.
GEDview gave me the line number of the error. Notepad Plus (freeware) allowed me to go to the offending line and see what it related to. Although I could not see an obvious fault I could delete the data source, re-run the export to GEDCOM and then successfully import it to GEDView.

I had tried database repairs etc. to no avail. Hoep this helps other KKP users.

PS: I enjoy using KKP and find it much better than the on-line options. They may be easy to use but they are too easy to get side tracked and overloaded with incorrect, duplicate, or conflicting information. It is also too easy to go off in a tangent, tracking down 'ancestors' and their descendants that are only related through multiple marriages.
It is a shame this forum isn't used more.

Happy families.

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