Problem with Aliases

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Problem with Aliases

Post by davep » Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:37 pm

I regularly export my KKP tree out to another application using GEDCOM, and recently started including Alias names in the export. I was surprised to find that the alias names for married women were sometimes not quite what I would expect; forenames would be missing or replaced by initials. After some head-scratching this I think is what is happening:

Suppose I discover a marriage record for a male on my tree (call him John DOE), who marries a woman called Edith J SMITH. I enter these details into KKP; the program creates a database entry for the spouse and also an entry in the alias table for Edith J DOE. A while later I find the birth record for Edith SMITH and find her middle name, so I modify her individual record to show her as Edith Jane SMITH. The problem is that this operation doesn't update the alias table, so a GEDCOM export shows her as Edith Jane SMITH aka Edith J DOE.

It would be good to fix this inconsistency, though of course some users may want to include alias forenames which differ from the main record for an individual.

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Re: Problem with Aliases

Post by Nick Hunter » Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:07 am


As you say, Kith and Kin Pro will automatically add an alias for a woman when she becomes married. This is an option which can be turned off in "Options | Preferences | Options | Marriage produces wife's alias". This is the only time that K&KPro will modify aliases automatically. Any other changes to aliases must be managed by the user using the "Aliases" button on the person data form.

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