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suggested improvements (?)

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:40 pm
by Robert Parker
Firstly I'd like to say thanks for this great program (I gave it 4/5 on gensoft

Whilst I was checking out other family tree software I noticed a couple of features that would be nice to have in K&K:

1) In addition to the trackball to scroll the chart, how about pressing spacebar and dragging the mouse (Family Historian does this)

2) A gedcom export option to export only deceased individuals, or least blank out all the details of living individuals (Family Tree Builder has this option).

(maybe these are possible and I havent stumbled across how to do it....)

I was also going to suggest that there needs to be a way to highlight a full "bow tie" bloodline (so that you set it to a layer or export to gedcom) but recently I noticed that with a right click on the background you can highlight all ancestor families, then press shift (to combine selections), another right click on the background and select descendant families. Perfect !


Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:19 am
by Nick Hunter

Glad you like the software.

Does anybody still use the Tree Area Control ball? You can drag with the right mouse button to scroll the Tree Area and the mouse wheel zooms it.

The GEDCOM export has a "Keep births private" option which excludes birth/christening dates of people who are still alive.

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:26 pm
by Robert Parker
Doh! I didnt try the right mouse button.

Typical online bank security questions are of the sort "what was your mother's maiden name?", "where were you born?" etc I still think the option to exclude living individuals from an export would be a useful feature.

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:17 pm
by Rodney Fry
I use the trackball - I hadn't realised the right button did the same - oh dear, the old grey cells!!

Rodney Fry