Uninstall KK3 before installing KK2?

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Uninstall KK3 before installing KK2?

Post by rich » Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:45 am

I have a new Win 7 64-bit machine & installed the current version of KK (3.1.0) which installed fine & shows the sample database fine. And i registered & checked for updates. However, i now realize that i have to have KK2 (which i've got on CD) installed in order to convert my old DBs. Bitter experience has made me extremely wary of getting Windows into a muddle. Which will be the least likely to get Windows' knickers into a twist:
Install an older version of KK with the newer one already there,
Uninstall the new one - usually leaving hidden remnants & red herrings - & then install v2 then v3?

Also, you instruct to use "Start | Programs | Kith and Kin Pro V3 | Database conversion to V3". Well, there isn't one. Under Start | All Programs, Kith & Kin Pro V3 is there, but only as a link to open the main program, without a right-arrow to indicate sub-entries. I notice that there's a program in Program Files (x86) \ Kith & Kin Pro V3 called KKP3Conversion - is this the one to run?

- How come no submenu?
- What else is on it that i might want to know about?
- How can i get the submenu?

Thanks in advance
Richard Chandler

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Post by Nick Hunter » Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:15 am


You can go ahead and install K&KPro2 from the CD - both versions can exist on the same PC (by default they go into different folders). You do not need to run V2 once installed - in fact you can uninstall it immediately and the old database engine will remain.

KKP3Conversion.exe is the correct filename for the conversion utility. I'm not sure why you are not seeing the "Kith and Kin Pro V3" sub-menu in the "Start | All programs" menu. Is it further down the list?

The other menu items are merely shortcuts to the help and the SpanSoft Web site.

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Post by rich » Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:21 am

OK. all is well! Installed KK2, & converter works fine.

Found the converter link in All Programs when click on KK3, which i hadn't actually done previously because i'd only used the desktop link. I had expected to see an arrow to the right indicating sub-items, such as happens with Word etc, where recent documents are shown when you hover the mouse over it in the normal Start menu.

Thanks Nick

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