Kith and Kin Pro 3 released

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Kith and Kin Pro 3 released

Post by Nick Hunter » Sun May 10, 2009 4:33 pm

SpanSoft are delighted to announce the release of Kith and Kin Pro V3.

If you are an existing V1 or V2 user and would like to upgrade to V3, please visit: The cost is only £10 GBP.

Full details of V3 can be found on the new Web site at:

Some of the exciting new features:
  • Added Adobe PDF file export for all reports.
    Added Soundex and Metaphone searches. This allows users to search for similar sounding surnames.
    Added Soundex and Metaphone code calculator.
    Families can be arranged into selectable "Layers". This allows the user to "grey out" all families except the ones he wants to work on.
    Simplified the Search Window. As well as the V2 SQL queries, users will be able to carry out much simpler searches.
    Function to save SQL queries to file added.
    Several different picture records can link to the same image file.
    Pictures can be arranged into an order defined by the user.
    Pictures can be added to source references and source documents.
    Drag and drop pictures from Windows added.
    Option to exclude picture files from database copying.
    Web page export uses a CSS stylesheet. This makes the Web pages much easier to customise.
    Supplied with several pre-defined stylesheets.
    Living people can be excluded from Web page export.
    Multiple timelines are now possible and timeline management is handled within Kith and Kin Pro.
    Fields "Email" and "Web site" added to the source repositories table.
    The person/family data form picklist popup entries are saved between sessions.
    Importing a GEDCOM file from a different program now produces an acceptable tree on the screen.
    Option to add the same single source reference to every person/family imported from a GEDCOM file.
    The notes editor window can now be used for all multi-line database fields.
    Click the middle mouse button in the Tree Area to return to 100% zoom centered on the mouse.
    Option to automaticaly re-use P and F codes.
    Option to reopen databases at the last viewed position.
    Added a function to create a "clean" new database - ie. one without the current user-defined fields.
    Column widths in person and family selection forms are preserved between sessions.
    Options to include full names and marriage dates in the family rectangles.
    New status bar shows zoom %, current layer and current family selection.
    The "Tree Layout" report now adjusts the font size to fit the scaling.
    The program shut-down has been speeded up.
    The unsupported Borland Database Engine has been replaced with a new engine.

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