Cannot change GEDCOM settings

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Cannot change GEDCOM settings

Post by sgturner » Sun Mar 10, 2024 10:41 am


I have been trying to change the Length of one of my Current fields in the GEDCOM tab in Preferences. I click Change but get a DBISAM Enginer Error # 11013 Access Denied to table or backup file '<some numbers>'. I know that this is about access permissions, but cannot work out which ones, since my user while not the Administrator has the same permissions on the 'AppData/Romaing/TreeDraw' folder. I have tried renaming the TreeDraw_Temp folder so that it recreates it, but then all of GEDCOM tab items are lost. I then ran TreeDraw as the Administrator and put them all in again, but when I then ran it as me there was nothing in the GEDCOM tab.
Where is this information stored? I note that TableDraw.ini contains all the information for the other Preferences tabs, but not for the GEDCOM. Is there any hidden txt file I can edit.

I am using WIndows 10 (64-bit) and TreeDraw 4.4.2 (WIN32bit build) and DBISAM V4.29 Build 4)


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