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Import intire database

Post by user99 » Sat Jul 23, 2016 5:52 pm

I have seen from previous post, and my own experience in Tree Draw that you cannot import the entire database without a lot of work importing pieces of the database over and over again and piecing it together. This would be my number 1 request for an added feature, import entire database. I don't care if it has crazy connecting lines going all over the place. Even after I rearrange the charts the way I want them this feature would save me weeks and weeks of work and I'm currently constantly finding people that I missed because I can't import them all at once. Please add this to a future update.


Rodney Fry
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Re: Import intire database

Post by Rodney Fry » Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:47 pm

I can perhaps understand user99's frustration in wanting to import an entire KKPro database so that it is shown on one set of pages, but personally I would find this virtually impossible to handle, modify and even print out the complete set of pages.

In my main database for FRYs of Symondsbury I have, according to the Code Number, some 580+ named persons. I have other databases for my maternal side with 170+ persons; another database for the FRYs of Litton Cheney there are some 230+ persons. Years ago I quickly found that attempting to fill more than about 8-10 pages of A4 in landscape format where I have manipulated the imported families into decendant layers would not be sensible - at least for me! [My 3 GHz CPU and 4GB of RAM are not exactly slow, but scrolling across the pages takes a few seconds!] The names are in 7 pt font and the bapt/marr/deaths are in 6 pt font. My tree title and added notes are slightly larger fonts. The added title includes all the primary surnames for the generations and in smaller font the surnames for marriage links.

What is quite easy to be done is to highlight all the wanted, linked family groups in the primary database and copy these into a new, smaller database with an appropriate identifying title. This is simply done by using the tree layout printed from the KKPro database on 2 or 3 A4 landscape sheets (in my case) and encircle the wanted families into suitable sub-groups. So my Symondsbury 580+ persons make about 5 secondary database groups. These give me some 6-8 A4 landscape pages with about 8 generation layers vertically. This gives me a tree print-out that is a long landscape format (I would like a A3 printer!) - I have not tried to extend the tree vertically as it would require more trimming and pasting the edges. These tree sub-groups are easy to handle on my computer desk.

As my secondary databases are used for generating the Treedraw graphics it is essential to remember to update the primary database with corrections or new information, not just the secondary. The secondary can be replaced by highlighting the families in the primary and replacing the secondary database as required - it would be nice if changes in the primary database were reflected immediately with changes to the secondary.

Of course, there are one or two companies who will print your tree on a wide-format inkjet printer. I have done this once onto 42" wide paper roll for talk, but this becomes expensive if you want to make amendments/corrections.

On each tree as printed I insert extra text at appropriate points saying which linked tree files will be found to extend the overall family tree.

Rodney Fry

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