TreeDraw with unicode characters

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TreeDraw with unicode characters

Post by wbloos » Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:05 am


I am using Treedraw for many years now (since Version 2). In some of my trees I have non-ANSI Charcters for some names and locations e.g using eastern European special characters.
In this post:
one can read that TreeDraw uses a database engine which does not handle unicode characters. Well that was 10 years ago.

Is there hope that one day TreeDraw will use a new database engine which can handle unicode characters?

in V4 I can manually change these characters and TreeDraw displays them correct while editing them, but even without saving the tree, TreeDraw will alter these characters when trying to display them or export them as PDF without saving the tree.
Since I have only a few of these characters it would help already if TreeDraw would display these characters and export them as PDF correct while working on a tree without saving the recent tree.

As an example here are two screen shots showing treedraw while editing text with special characters (here romanian special characters): ... acters.jpg
and here a screen shot when exiting text editing mode: ... 20mode.jpg
TreeDraw keeps the special characters as long as the tree is not saved - so entering manual edit mode will display correct special characters again.


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