Two suggested features

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Two suggested features

Post by CaptJack06 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:12 am

I would like to suggest two additional features for TreeDraw (apologies if someone has already done so).

1. Allow the use of a keyboard key, e.g. shift while extending/shortening a line or moving text to keep the element in the horizontal or vertical from its point of origin.

2. In addition to the statistics box I would also like to see a log of the names imported into TreeDraw. It can be a plain text file containing the names and maybe other details (date of import and database name). The file can be over-written each time or the report concatenated to the existing log. I'm 9 names short in my tree and it is going to be a bit of a grind finding out which names.

Thank you

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Post by jhunt02 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:28 am

I too would like to be able to restrict dragging to the vertical or horizontal axis by pressing the Shift key.

Another feature that would save a huge amount of time would be the ability to drag boxes (or groups of boxes) around and to have the length and placement of their connecting lines be automatically adjusted by the program so that the connections remain. Tough to program, but it could be done without converting the drawing objects to vector graphics. Probably each box and line object would have to contain additional (hidden) properties specifying all the other objects within a given 'path', so that when any of the objects within a path are dragged, the whole path can be adjusted accordingly. Legacy's native charting software ( shows how this behaviour could work.

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