Profiles & Update Text - suggestions

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Profiles & Update Text - suggestions

Post by rich » Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:56 am

Would be good to be able to format similar text elements in one operation, such as one can do using Styles in MS Word. eg change Person Details to Italic after import? No problem - simply get that "Style" up, change the specs and Voila - all Person Details change, right across the chart. Or change all male names to a darker blue? Just change the Style. Currently every single element has to be done individually, or - on occasion - scrap days of work lining up the generations, and reimport from scratch. Similar to changing the name & function of "Import Profile" to "Profile" or "Style".

It'd be great to be able to update text elements that aren't actually on the chart because at time of original import there was no data, but there is now. eg if there weren't any of a person's details known at initial import, but some have subsequently been added to the source data, Update Text doesn't create a Person Details text box as one would expect.

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