Wall Charts coming up blank

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LeRoy Ferguson
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Wall Charts coming up blank

Post by LeRoy Ferguson » Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:21 pm

TreeDraw's Legacy Edition Help does not have "Wall Charts" on its index and I can find nothing that might be related to the subject. Nevertheless, my local print-shop man advises,"Just give me a Pdf of the chart, in one block, and it's simple."

Following what looks like the mandatory process, I select the pages of my TreeDraw chart by clicking on them, in a left to right sequence down each row, then go to Export>Pdf file.

The process seems to go smoothly and my newly-named Pdf goes onto a hard drive folder as an Adobe Acrobat 7 file.

However, when opened it is one page measuring 287X210 mm, and completely blank-

What steps did I miss?

(I should note that the TD chart itself responds perfectly well to editing and saving changes.)

Nick Hunter
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Post by Nick Hunter » Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:26 pm

Before exporting the chart to a PDF file, please use "File | Page setup" and select the paper size which your print shop is going to print on. This might be A0 or larger (custom width/height can be entered up to 200 inches).

You should then find that your entire chart is on a single large page, select the page and use "File | Export | PDF file".

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