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Post by bordercot196 » Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:03 pm

Operational problems have recently forced me to reload Windows XP on my home computer. Prior to this I saved relevant files and copied programs as appropriate. The Treedraw files I have created were saved as .tdr files on an external drive. I reloaded the Treedraw program from my CD (Version 3.01) and have had a problem in importing/restoring the .tdr files. When I use file/import and select my external drive and click on a .tdr file I am warned that it is not a true graphics file and am unable to import it. The only way I could find to get my files back into Treedraw was to copy them to my Desktop and then drag and drop the files into Treedraw using Windows Explorer. Is this acceptable ? I would welcome any other advice you can give me regarding backing up/restoring .tdr files to either a CD or an exernal drive so that I am not caught out in the future.

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Post by Nick Hunter » Mon Dec 04, 2006 5:31 pm

It would have been better to drag and drop the .TDR files from your CD into the "C:\Program files\TreeDraw" folder. That way you would have saved a step (ie. saving them again in TreeDraw). But what you have done is OK.

Using "File | Import" does not open TreeDraw .TDR files; the function you wanted was "File | Open".

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