Import fields from GEDCOM

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Import fields from GEDCOM

Post by dlynch » Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:15 pm

I am running 4.4.2 on Windows 10.
I imported a GEDCOM file. I wanted no marriage details and no marriage indicator in Treedraw. But when I blanked out "Format for this data type" on Preferences -> Import fields and saved the result to my Import profile, I got the default settings not blank ones. Is there any way to suppress marriage details and marriage indicator? (I got around this my setting both to <Divorce date> and manually deleting the few divorces dates I had.)
I was able to produce the tree I wanted manually, but the following enhancement would have made it easier:
I had extracted a field from the GEDCOM and defined it as a person field in Preferences -> GEDCOM. I wanted this field in a different format to Name, Child's Name and Person Details in Preferences -> Import fields. I would like "Other details" as an option in both Preferences -> Import fields and Preferences -> Import visuals.

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Re: Import fields from GEDCOM

Post by Nick Hunter » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:23 am

TreeDraw requires some sort of marriage indicator in "Options | Preferences | Import Fields | Marriage indicator". This is used when "Marriage details is switched off in the main impiort dialog. If you blank this import format, TreeDraw will reset it with the default "m.". You could use a non-printing character instead like #0160 which you can enter using the Alt key and the numeric keypad.

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