Packing database produces eight random folders in database

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Packing database produces eight random folders in database

Post by laschapas » Tue Aug 07, 2007 2:00 pm

For some time I have been wondering where the extra folders in the active database came from. They have random names and are empty. I was worried about deleting them at first as I did not know what they were used for. I now have discovered that they are generated when packing the database. Is there a note somewhere in the help file about this, I haven't found one? Why doesn't the pack routine delete these folders when it ends? I notice that packing the database a second time produces eight more folders. Trying to delete the folders after packing with Kith&KinPro still active says one folder is still being used. This was not a major problem but it worried me for a while.

Regards John Wood

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Post by Nick Hunter » Wed Aug 08, 2007 8:52 am

You're right about K&KPro creating the temporary folders during the Pack procedure. The program also creates temporary folders in other operations, adding user-defined fields for example. K&KPro does attempt to delete the folders automatically after use, but it appears that a bug in the database engine under Windows XP keeps the folders "in use" and so they cannot be deleted until K&KPro is shut down.

The same bug causes a problem renaming databases under Windows XP.

We are aware of this problem. Unfortunately since the bug in the database engine will not be fixed by Borland we are looking for a workaround.

You can safely delete the temporary folders when K&KPro is not running.