Running K&KPro in Windows Vista

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Running K&KPro in Windows Vista

Post by Nick Hunter » Sun Mar 18, 2007 9:33 am

The "improved" security measures in Windows Vista has a default setting which stops certain access to files in certain parts of the hard drive folder structure. In particular the root folder of the C: drive.

The Borland Database Engine (BDE), which is an integral part of Kith and Kin Pro, creates an administration file PDOXUSRS.NET in the C:\ folder.

When you run K&KPro under Vista you may get an error message which says that you do not have permission to access PDOXUSRS.NET.

The workaround for this is as follows:
Right-click on the K&KPro icon and choose Properties, then Compatibility, then in the Privelege Level check the box "Run the program as an administrator".