Suggestions re inserting & checking children & marri

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Suggestions re inserting & checking children & marri

Post by rich » Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:55 am

Some ideas to address limitations with inserting & checking children: Sometimes the sex is unknown, but the absence of such a choice means we are forced to choose an option that may later be misleading. Also the preselected "male" default makes it too easy to just enter the other details - of a girl - then press Save & Close. To compound it, sexes aren't shown in either the marriage dialog, nor the R-click family dropdown. So how about a mixture of the following:

- Third Sex choice: "unknown" (icon could be black or white asexual figure, possibly in outline only?)
- No default sex (user has to manually select before Saving)
- Entire Person dialog box changes colour, dep. on sex
- Sex in Children list in Family dialog box (preferably names in colours, or at least an icon)
- Ditto in R-click summary

Hard to know where to insert a child in the Family box, or to sort them, because birthdates not shown. So:
- Birth or baptism of children in Family dialog box
- Date error function finds miss-sorted children & marriages
- Way to add child to end of list when box full
- Ditto for marriages