Shareware programs

Kith and Kin Pro V3 (8MB)
Download from SpanSoft V3.3.0 Download from Download3k V3.2.7
Kith and Kin Pro V2 (7MB) (obsolete)
Download from SpanSoft V2.1.4  
TreeDraw Standard V4 (5MB)
Download from SpanSoft V4.4.2 Download from Download3k V4.4.2
TreeDraw Standard V3 (4MB) (obsolete)
Download from SpanSoft V3.2.5  
TreeDraw Legacy Edition V4 (5MB)
Download from SpanSoft V4.5.0  

Full programs

These are fully registered programs which require prior purchase of a registration key to use them. TreeDraw Legacy Edition V4 and later is now shareware (see above). If you have previously purchased TreeDraw Legacy Edition V3 then download the latest V3 below. An upgrade from V2 or V3 to V4 can be ordered here.

TreeDraw Legacy Edition V3 (3MB) (obsolete)
Download from SpanSoft

Timeline files

Timeline files for use with Kith and Kin Pro. Right-click on the link and use “Save as” if the file is displayed as text in your browser. Kith and Kin Pro V3 users can import timeline files by using “Options | Customise timeline”.


  • Download Kith and Kin Birthday Alert V1.2.3 (2MB) This is an add-on program for registered users of “Kith and Kin Pro” V3.0.0 or later. Kith and Kin Birthday Alert checks your family tree database for upcoming events each time you switch on your PC. Read more…
  • Download TreeDraw Viewer V4 (4MB) This is a freeware utility which will allow you to view and print TreeDraw (V2, V3 & V4) chart files (.TDR).
  • Download off-line Web page browsing (35kB) Using the files included in this archive it is possible to publish Kith and Kin Pro Web pages onto a CD-ROM (or other media). These pages can then be viewed on any PC equipped with a Web browser without having to connect to the Internet. This allows you to distribute your family tree data in electronic form instead of printing it out.
  • Download FamilySearch GEDCOM file fixer (189kB) The latest enhancement to the LDS FamilySearch Web site allows you to download the results of your search in a GEDCOM file. Unfortunately the LDS has made a mistake in the way that these GEDCOM files are generated, which means that they are not imported correctly into many genealogy programs including Kith and Kin Pro. This utility will fix them.
  • Download the Borland database fix utility (237kB) Occasionally you may get corruption problems with any of our programs which use the Borland Database Engine (BDE). Currently these are Kith and Kin Pro (V1 or V2), Slide Librarian and Slide Librarian Pro. The corruption may manifest by displaying messages such as “Invalid Key” for no apparent reason. All these programs have a database “Pack” command, and you should try using that first. If that doesn’t work use the Borland database fix utility. This utility is now supplied on all the registered CD-ROMs and appears in the programs’ menu from the Windows “Start | Program files” menu.
  • Download MFCOLEUI.DLL (60kB) This is a Windows system file which is absent from a very few PCs but is required for Kith and Kin Pro tutorials to run. Unzip and place the DLL in your Windows\System folder. This file is now included on the registered CD-ROMs anyway so you should not really need to download it from here.
  • Download small SpanSoft logo (1kB) This is a small SpanSoft logo which you may use if you want to provide a link to us from your own Web site.