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Slide Librarian Pro
Current version 2.4

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What is Slide Librarian Pro?

Slide Librarian Pro lets you catalogue your slide (transparency) library on your PC. This makes it easy to search for specific slides by title, keywords, etc and to create slide shows and talks.
You can also use the system to keep track of where your slides are. Slide Librarian Pro features a username/password system so that you can let other users search the slide database and build slide shows without being able to change the information held on the database. Users are classed as either librarians or borrowers, giving individuals access only to appropriate parts of the system.
As well as recording details of each slide (such as title, keywords, image quality, etc), Slide Librarian will also store an image of each slide. So if you have the equipment to scan or digitise your slides you can actually see the pictures on your PC. As well as "slide-sized" thumbnails of each slide you can store full-screen images of each slide. Just double-clicking on a thumbnail brings up the full-sized image.
You can add your own fields to the database and customise which fields are displayed.
Slide Librarian will print out slide labels to your specification. Each slide is given a number and category prefix so that once your slides are labelled, it's easy to pick out the ones you need for a slide show. You can include any of the slide details on the label as well as a "stamp" such as your name, copyright, etc.
Slide Librarian Pro features barcoding as an option. You can print barcode labels for each slide and use a barcode reader to book the slides in and out.
Slide shows or talks are constructed on a "light table". You use keywords or simple SQL statements to find the slides you want from the database and then drop the slides onto the light table. You can now move the slides about into the order you want and then save that particular slide show in case you need it again.
Slide Librarian will print out a Running Order, Picking List or Contact Sheet for the slide show currently on the light table.
The Running Order print shows the slides in the order they appear on the light table. This is the order in which the slides should be loaded into the projector. The Picking List print shows the same slides sorted by slide number so that you can retrieve the slides from your library easily. The Contact Sheet is a printed copy of the light table.
Any slides which have been booked out (ie. they are not currently available) are indicated on the light table.
You can get a quick summary of a slide's data just be right-clicking on the image on the light table and of course the full-sized image by double-clicking.
If you do not have the equipment to scan your slides, Slide Librarian will work just as well without slide images. In place of the pictures you will see the slide title.
If you already have a database catalogue of slides on your PC, Slide Librarian can import your existing data via a delimited text file. Slide images can be added easily at a future date.
Additional librarian functions include maintaining the user details database and access to the user log which records all book-in/book-out events. Librarians can also print a user details report and a user log report.

SpanSoft also produce a single-user version of this program. Go to the Slide Librarian page for details.

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This program runs under Windows 95 or later.
Download the self-extracting archive and run it (SldPro.exe) to install the software.

What is shareware? Download Slide Librarian Pro V2.4 (6.2Mb)
What is shareware? Download Slide Librarian Pro V2.4 from WinSite


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