Multiple Occupations & Residences

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Multiple Occupations & Residences

Post by oz1 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:06 pm

I have multiple occupations & residences for many of the entries in my database.

For example:

Fred Bloggs
Ag Lab 1861 Anytown
Overseer 1871 AnotherTown

17 Smith Street
Anytown 1861
19 Better Street
AnotherTown 1871

I see that GEDCOM format allows for multiple entries like this but you can only have one address line & one occupation line in KKPRO

Is there a way of handling these multiple entries when I input data into KKPRO as I would like to keep them separate. At the moment, I have all occupations or residences in a single field as in:

17 Smith Street, Anytown (1861), 19 Better Street, AnotherTown (1871)

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